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This is the Website for the village of Castlethorpe in Milton Keynes. The articles have been written by village organisations. The site is managed by the Parish Council.

If you have news of interest to the village or represent an organisation which has an event coming up, please contact the Webmaster who will put it on this website.

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Satellite town proposal document

People have been asking where they can read the full satellite town proposal by Gallagher Estates. You can download it at http://miltonkeynes-consult.objective.co.uk/file/4084041 It’s 168 pages long and the actual details of what they want are in Appendix 1, which starts on Page 27.

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The new village signs are up!

The new gates and Castlethorpe signs are now up at all four entrances to the village. The signs were designed by Jenny Cahill, from South Street, and are laser printed onto aluminium in layers to give a 3D look and feel. The ironwork frame in which they sit was designed and built by our local blacksmith Oliver Sawbridge.

As well as being much cheaper to make than the traditional metal signs such as the ones at Haversham, our signs are weatherproof and extremely durable and like the new gates, which are made of moulded polymer, they will require very little maintenance.

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How to book the Village Hall

If you’re thinking of using the Village Hall for a function, you can check the availability by clicking here.

To book the Hall please contact Sara Montague on 07812 070537 or email her at soldierblue4@hotmail.com. Please confirm your booking with Sara before making any arrangements for entertainers or outside catering etc.

Further information and a booking form can be found here.

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Chairman's report to the Annual Village Meeting

The Chair of Castlethorpe Parish Council, Philip Ayles, presented his annual report to the Annual Village Meeting which was held on Monday 4 April. The full report is published here and it can be downloaded in pdf form under Other Documents here:

Once again, the parish council has had a very busy year both with activities we directly control and cajoling MKC to do things for us.

We have had a big push to get our Neighbourhood Plan completed as this has been running for some time now. The parish council consultations have completed and the final MKC consultation will end on 13th April. An independent External Examiner will be appointed on the advice of our consultant, we have put two names forward who have experience of plans like ours and, assuming no major problems, we should be able to hold a referendum this summer. The Neighbourhood Plan will protect certain areas of the village from residential development as ‘Green Space’ or ‘Community Assets’ including anywhere outside the settlement boundary, it will ensure developments and extensions are consistent with existing design in other areas and it designates the field next to Paddock Close (‘Maltings 2’) for the development of about 30 houses of which 9 will be ‘affordable’.

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Key safe link to village burglaries

There have been two more burglaries in the village this year. The same method was used to gain access to the houses in both cases, which was to break open a key safe and then use the keys.

The police have said that they normally regard key safes as secure but suggest that, if you do have a key safe, you might wish to relocate it to somewhere that’s not so visible and only leave keys in it when it is necessary. Obviously, if it is used for external visitors, such as medical or support services, you need to let them know of the new location.

The investigating officer also says that anyone knocking on doors and asking for someone who does not live there is suspicious so please phone up the 101 number and describe the persons. Footwear is apparently always a good point to look at. Most people can change their clothes and jacket but not the make of trainer or shoe. No so many people apparently have a change of footwear. The police repeat that they would rather come out to a false alarm than an actual burglary.

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Cricketers wanted

Castlethorpe Cricket Club require cricketers of any standard for the coming 2016 season and also umpires to stand in home games on Saturdays. Please contact Russell Jones on 07474 826657 David Spinelli on 07889 215786 or Stewart Tate on 07976 267630 if you are interested.

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Village Show update

Castlethorpe Seniors Christmas Lunch and Celebration was held on the 5th December when 72 senior residents came along to enjoy a seasonal lunch and entertainment.

After lunch Kim and her team delighted us with a demonstration of Salsa dancing and invited guests to join them. We were then entertained once again by Lincoln on his keyboard. The prizes for the raffle this year were generously donated by Morrisons of Westcroft. After tea and mince pies Lincoln again entertained us with carols . By then it was time for everyone to depart for home having had an enjoyable meal and professional entertainment.

Plans are well in hand for 2016’s Christmas lunch which will be held on the 3rd December.

The annual horticultural “Castlethorpe Show” will be held on the 4th September (registration on the 1st Sept). We hope that this year the weather will be kind to us and we will get a record number of entries. Following the judging there will again be the usual auction of produce. Please try to come along as this auction provides the funds for the Seniors Christmas lunch. There will be the usual raffle, tea and cakes.

There will also be two Bingo sessions, 23th April and 26th November when we make donations to a charity as well as the lunch account.

We should like to thank all those in Castlethorpe who so generously donated to the lunch funds as well as Morrisons and Tesco for their generous donations of prizes for our raffles.

Show Committee: Melanie Chapman (Spokeswoman) Margaret Chapman (Treasurer and Secretary), Dorothy Runacres, Karen Rosso , Phill Brown, Joyce Markham.

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Navigation wins top award

The Navigation has been voted Best Restaurant in Northamptonshire in the annual ‘Bookatable Awards’, organised by the largest online reservation service.

The Bookatable Awards give accolades to restaurants across 15 counties in the UK. All reviews on the site are left by verified Bookatable diners; only people who have dined at the restaurant can leave a review.

The Navigation’s owners, Akeman Inns, have been named as the highest ranked Pub Company in The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies To Work For awards.

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Changes to Castlethorpe Charity

The Castlethorpe Charity for the Poor/Church has changed the criteria for any new beneficiary. With effect from the 2015 distribution are that they must be 70 years of age or over, have lived in Castlethorpe for at least 2 years, be living alone and not be in any paid employment. Existing beneficiaries will continue to receive their share of the income. .

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Route 33 bus timetable at a glance

The times of the 33/33A bus service through Castlethorpe are.

Buses towards Central Milton Keynes now leave the stop by the Village Hall at:

Monday to Friday
06:13 07:14 07:42 09:14 10:14 11:14 12:14 13:14 14:14 15:14 16:14 16:14 17:29 18:29 19:25*

07:44 09:14 10:14 11:14 12:14 13:14 14:14 15:14 16:14 17:29 18:29 19:25*
(*Wolverton only).

Buses from the CMK Food Centre towards Castlethorpe leave at:

Monday to Friday
06:47 08:57 09:57 10:57 11:57 12:57 13:57 15:07 16:07 17:07 18:07

07:05 08:57 09:57 10:57 11:57 12:57 13:57 15:07 16:07 17:07 18:07

Buses to Northampton leave at:

Monday to Friday
07:21 09:31 10:31 11:31 12:31 13:31 14:31 15:42 16:42 17:42 18:42*

07:34 09:31 10:31 11:31 12:31 13:31 14:31 15:42 16:42 17:42 1842*
(*Hartwell only)

Buses from Northampton to Castlethorpe leave at:

Monday to Friday
08:29 09:30 10:25 11:29 12:25 13:29 14:25 15:25 15:29 16:40 17:40 18:40 with additional services departing from Hartwell at 06:00 07:01 07:26

08:29 09:30 10:25 11:29 12:25 13:29 14:25 15:29 16:40 17:40 18:40, with an additional service departing from Hartwell at 07:31

There is no service on Sundays

A pdf copy of the current timetable can be downloaded here

Timetables for all the other bus routes in Milton Keynes can be found here

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Is there a well in your garden?

Castlethorpe Historical Society is gathering information on all of the wells in the village. Most will obviously be located in the gardens of Castlethorpe’s older properties. So if you have a well on your property, or you know of someone else who has one, please let Mick Mullens know so that the Society can collate a map and plan to help with its survey on Old Castlethorpe.

You can contact Mick on the Castlethorpe Village Facebook page or email him at brassmichael@yahoo.co.uk

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MK Councillors contact details

The three MK Councillors for the Newport Pagnell North and Hanslope ward, which includes Castlethorpe, are:

Andrew Geary
Phone: 01908 510227 Email: andrew.geary@milton-keynes .gov.uk

Jeannette Green
Phone: 07970 062885 Email: jeannette.Green@milton-keynes .gov.uk

Lynn Patey-Smith
Phone: 07920 443264 Email: lynn.patey-smith@milton-keynes .gov.uk

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Want to stop smoking? Here's some help

Milton Keynes Council’s specialist stop smoking advisors offer one to one appointments in clinics across Milton Keynes with support and products to help anyone who wants to quit smoking. Services of the 12 week programme are free to everyone and those who are exempt from prescription charges will also get products to help them quit for free (those that pay will pay just £8.05 standard prescription fee per fortnight for their products).

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Castlethorpe facts and figures

Here are some interesting facts and figures about Castlethorpe, taken from the results of the 2011 Census, Defra and Land Registry figures:

People: On Census Day 2011, the parish’s population was 1,045, 47.9% male and 52.1% female, living in 440 households. There were 205 children under 16, 695 adults of working age and 145 people over the age of 65, with 55 of them living by themselves.

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Connect with your neighbours on the web

Streetlife is a website for local communities with the aim of helping people make the most of where they live by connecting with their neighbours. More than 225,000 people across England currently use the site, and over the past few months thousands of residents across Milton Keynes have joined up. You can find out more at www.streetlife.com.

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