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This is the Website for the village of Castlethorpe in Milton Keynes. The articles have been written by village organisations and the site is managed by the Parish Council.

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Little Library opening

The Little Library on the Village Green was officially opened by the Mayor of Milton Keynes, Councillor Sam Crooks, on Saturday 12 September. The library was the idea of Castlethorpe resident Becky Hall, who organised the event and also a Mad Hatters tea party in the Village Hall afterwards.

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Revised 33 bus timetable

The revised route 33 and 33A bus timetable for journeys through Castlethorpe to Milton Keynes and Northampton can be downloaded here

The service is now operated by Z&S Transport and the route has been changed slightly. Several 33A services now serve Northampton General Hospital.

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Exercise of voters' rights

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Malting 2 site plans

Following the public forum on 1 July about the proposed Maltings 2 development, the site plan and plans of the design of the houses can be downloaded at http://www.castlethorpevillage.org.uk/file_download/894/maltings+2+plans.pdf

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Housing Development at ‘Maltings 2’

As you know, the field to the south of Paddock Close was designated for housing in the Castlethorpe Neighbourhood Plan and subsequently received outline planning permission for 32 houses. The site was then sold by Carrington Estates to Stonewater Developments which is a social housing provider.

I have been contacted today by RCA Regeneration which is a planning consultancy working for Stonewater. It is their intention to submit an application for the next stage of planning permission under Reserved Matters shortly.

They will be sending the documents to the Clerk and about 70 nearby properties with a request for a response by 28th June as part of a short public consultation. I have told them that the parish council meets on 1st July and it is not practical for us to call an Extraordinary Meeting before then but that we could give our comments by 5th July.

I have invited RCA Regeneration to attend the parish council meeting (perhaps beforehand) and present to the council and interested residents. He was not sure if they would be able to do this (they are based in Droitwich) but would come back to the Clerk.

I asked a few questions:

  • The application will be for 31 houses – apparently the reduction from 32 is to allow refuse collection lorries turning space(!)
  • The open space by Paddock Close (opposite the swale) will be retained as an open space to be maintained by a management company. I explained this was disappointing because it has been ineffective in Paddock Close.
  • The development will be 100% affordable properties.
  • Although not in this stage of the application which is primarily about layout, the design cues and materials will match Paddock Close as required by the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • A footway will be constructed up to the gate into Maltings Field so that there will be pedestrian access on a hard ‘pavement’ into Maltings Field and so to South Street from Fox Covert Lane, Paddock Close and the new development. Again this was required in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Residents are of course able to make independent responses to RCA Regeneration (and in due course to MKC Planning where there will be the statutory 28 day consultation period) but would be very welcome to attend the parish council meeting on 1st July. This starts at 7.30pm but, if RCA Regeneration are able to attend, we would offer them a 7pm start so watch the website and FaceBook page for start time.

Philip Ayles
Chairman, Castlethorpe Parish Council
14th June 2019

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How to book the Village Hall

If you’re thinking of using the Village Hall for a function, you can check the availability by clicking here.

To book the Hall please contact Sara Montague on 07812 070537 or email her at soldierblue4@hotmail.com. Please confirm your booking with Sara before making any arrangements for entertainers or outside catering etc. You can pay by credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, cheque or bank transfer.

Further information and a booking form can be downloaded from here and either filled in online and emailed to Sara or downloaded to be filled in and then printed out.

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Parish Council Elections

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Chairman’s report to the 2019 Annual Village Meeting on 1 April

The Chairman of Castlethorpe Parish Council, Councillor Philip Ayles, reported on the past year in village to residents at the Annual Village Meeting in the Village Hall on Monday 1 April. To read his report in full click on “Read more” below.

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33 bus timetable

The latest timetable for Route 33 buses can be downloaded here Scroll down to “Other Documents” and click on 33bustimetable230718.pdf

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Notice of appointment of date for the exercise of electors' rights

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GDPR: Parish Council Data Protection Policy

Castlethorpe Parish Council (‘the Council’) recognises its responsibility to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018 which regulates the use of personal data. This does not have to be sensitive data; it can be as little as a name and address. The Data Protection Policy can be read by clicking the link to the Parish Council page on the left.

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MK Councillors' contact details

The MK Ward Councillors for the Newport Pagnell North and Hanslope ward, which includes Castlethorpe, are:

Councillor Telephone Email
Andrew Geary 01908 510227 Andrew Geary
Bill Green 07970 062885 Bill Green
George Bowyer George Bowyer

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Volunteers wanted urgently

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Changes to Castlethorpe Charity

The Castlethorpe Charity for the Poor/Church has changed the criteria for any new beneficiary. With effect from the 2015 distribution are that they must be 70 years of age or over, have lived in Castlethorpe for at least 2 years, be living alone and not be in any paid employment. Existing beneficiaries will continue to receive their share of the income. .

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Is there a well in your garden?

Castlethorpe Historical Society is gathering information on all of the wells in the village. Most will obviously be located in the gardens of Castlethorpe’s older properties. So if you have a well on your property, or you know of someone else who has one, please let Mick Mullens know so that the Society can collate a map and plan to help with its survey on Old Castlethorpe.

You can contact Mick on the Castlethorpe Village Facebook page or email him at brassmichael@yahoo.co.uk

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